Established in 1961, MAF Engineering and Management, the managing arm of Dar Al Dowailah Engineering Consultants and Construction Managers, has been at the forefront of engineering consultancy and construction management. Operating as the guiding force behind Dar Al Dowailah, MAF has established itself as a pioneering leader in the industry. With a remarkable portfolio spanning diverse projects, including Sabah Al Ahmed City, Friday Market, and Fruit and Vegetable Market, MAF's dedication to excellence is evident.

**By successfully overseeing over 60 mega projects for the Kuwaiti government alone, MAF has set unparalleled standards for quality and reliability, not only in the MENA region but also on a global scale. Their contributions include 30% of Kuwait's BOT projects and 40% of its various mega-scale infrastructure projects, including the Mena Zur and Mina Abdallah Water Distribution Centers. They have also designed and supervised the construction of over 1200 kilometers of infrastructure (roads, highways, and other projects) in collaboration with top-tier international consultants. **

MAF, a management and engineering consultancy legacy with a history of more than 60 years!