Location : Al Adaan, Kuwait
Client : Ministry of Health
Cost : 11.25 M KWD
Size : 26,000 m2
Duration : 2012-2015

The Al Adaan Outpatient clinic is a 7 floors medical center containing 13 different types of clinics and all their supporting services.

The client requested a unique design for this building. It was designed radially to include corridors on the outside with waiting areas where appropriate, and the examination rooms with their facilities on the inside.

The design is composed of 3 circles in plan; each clinic takes on one circular center per floor on either side. and the central circular form is dedicated for circulation and services.

Each clinic is entered though a designated reception and waiting area, offices for its medical staff, andeach clinic is physically separated from the other for privacy purposes and circulation clarity. The medical center also accommodates a large lecture hall and auditorium, and is connected by two bridges to the adjacent old clinic and the multi-story parking on the opposite side.